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The Premium Sushi Brand!

-   Intro   -

Welcome to SushiBox ReadyToGo, Ottawa's Premium Sushi Brand.

SushiBox is a local supplier of wide variety of prepared Sushi products who delivers only the freshest sushi to institutions, hospitals and local cafeterias to serve thousands of satisfying customers everyday...

In order to serve our customers with the freshest products,

all products are prepared and packaged each morning and we are committed to limit Our products' shelf- life less than a half day. 

You can enjoy "Take-Out" quality sushi anytime.

*We also provide Korean bento catering service.

If you would like to request Sushi and/or Korean Catering Service,

please contact us for additional information.


(Sample image of Korean bento)

-   Social Responsibility   -

The omega-3 fatty acids in fish are good for your heart.

SushiBox is a proud sponsor of Ottawa Heart Institute.

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